Vision: Provide 24-hour counselling services for the public, so that those in need can receive psychological support in time.🌻

Our Services: Provide free phone, face-to-face and email counselling services.

Mission: Help is as close as the telephone

Year Established: 1993


  • Counselling service mainly based on Carl Rogers’ humanism.
  • Provide quality companionship and emotional support to those in need. 
  • Provide a long-term one to one counselling according to the need of clients.
  • Crisis management and monitoring system for high-risk clients.
7 Adults will receive
free counselling service !

Vision: Child-oriented, and believing in the improvement of community mental health with the foundation of “harmony families”.🌻

Our Services: The Play Therapy group helps children to face their psychological distress through play. The group has also signed MoU with Women’s Aid Organization (WAO), the National Population and Family Development Board (LPPKN), SJK (C) Jalan Davidson and SJK (C) Salak South in order to benefit children from different communities.

Mission: The companionship to the broken hearts

Year Established: 2014


  • Based on Non-Directive Play Therapy theory developed by Virginia Axline, which is parallel with the humanism of LLAM’s counselling services.
  • To assist families by interview and counselling session with parents, as well as parent supporting groups, talks and workshops.
1 child from underprivileged 
family will receive 12
play therapy sessions.

Vision: Everyone respect each other, in a caring, healthy and safe community. 🌻

Our Services: Organize various seminars, workshops, camps and media interviews to enhance the mental health of the community, as well as the ability to face challenges and to help others.

Mission: Popularise counselling education, Enhance self-awareness on life

Year Established: 2010


  • Sharing on the current issues faced by the society.
  • Beneficiaries range from children to the elderly.
  • Activities are focused on experiencing and sharing, rather than one-way indoctrination.
  • Promotes the importance of “listening” and “being with”.
15 people will be able to
self help and help others.

Vision: With concept of “Give Care and Pass on Love”, to spread love and care to different groups of children and teenagers. 🌻

Our Services: The Social Care Group has been organising group activities with the theme of self-discovery in children’s homes regularly. The group has also been invited to organise internal camps for primary and secondary schools as well as remote communities (Micro Schools). Additionally, the group has held “72 Transformational Camp” for teenagers.

Mission: Give Care and Pass on Love

Year Established: 2001


  • Enabling children to discover their self-worth and enhance their ability to self-actualize through investigation of emotions.
  • Promote the ability of self-exploration and self-growth through themed experiential activities.
  • Proactively engaged in the community to provide resources and assistance to the underprivileged.
3 teenagers will enjoy
the growth through
a series of self-exploration

Vision: Adhere to the concept of “walk into community, integrate resources, and promote social welfare “, to evokes the public’s awareness of care for the society and environment. 🌻

Our Services: The team regularly organises blood & organ donation campaigns and environmental protection campaigns, and visits old folks’ homes.

Mission: Walk into the Community and Promote Social Welfare

Year Established: 2000


  • Raise the awareness of the community, and carry out social welfare with the community.
  • Encourage families and friends to spend time together on weekends while volunteering for community work.
2 hours of social
welfare will be completed