Protect lives together and make the world a better place

With “95 Spirit” as our mission, wepromotes self-help and the awareness of seeking for help, to work towards our goal of Zero Suicide. For 30 years, we have been keeping 34,000 lives company as they overcome difficult times in life.

Late-Night Helpline

Starting October 6th 2023, we are shaking things up by introducing late-night helpline services! For these seven nights, we are launching our late-night helpline, and welcome everyone to call and share your troubles.

Reach out to people in struggle, with RM1 a day

We welcome you to join our 950 donors, contributing RM95 every three months to help us reach our goal of RM360,000, to sustain our organisation’s annual expenses.


Helping Others & Achieve Self-Development

We consist of nearly 200 professionally trained volunteers from diverse backgrounds dedicated to providing services such as helpline, counselling, play therapy, and psychoeducation, as well as organizing developmental group activities, and charitable events for the Malaysian community.