Are you looking for a suitable event space?

The Counselling Education Development & Training Centre (CETC), located on the 6th floor of IOI Business Park in Puchong, is now open for lease. The center features a training hall and a training room, both equipped with audiovisual equipments and wooden flooring. The environment is comfortable and clean, making it ideal for hosting workshops and groups.

Training Hall (80 pax)

Training Room (30 Pax)


Application Procedures

  • applicant must fill in and submit the Venue Rental Application Form to obtain approval from Admin Office before using the venue and facilities. For any enquiries, please contact: 03-4266 6195 / WhatsApp: 011-1095 9595。
  • The Association reserves the final right to decide whether to rent or not, without giving any reason.
  • The Association accepts verbal reservations, but the applicant must fill in the Venue Rental Application Form within one week of the verbal reservation, otherwise the rental will be considered invalid.
  • The applicant must pay the deposit within three days once approved.
  • The applicant must pay the rental fee two weeks before the date of rental.


  • Rental time
  • Working hour: Weekday 0900 to 1700
  • Non-working hour: Weekday 1700 to 2200, Saturday 0900 to 1300
  • *Special arrangement can be made for any odd time slot, please discuss with Admin Office.


  • Application Method
  • Step 1: Fill in and submit the Venue Rental Application Form.
  • Step 2: The Admin Office will contact the applicant after verify the application.
  • Step 3: Applicant can only make the payment after confirming the necessary detail of the application.
  • Step 4: Applicant have to send the bank receipt to person in charge after payment made.

Rental Rules

  • Hirer must handle all the facilities, tools, appliances etc. with utmost care. Any damage and loss of tools and other properties will be charged accordingly to the hirer, be it the cost of replacement.
  • Rehearsal, decoration and tables/chairs are arranged by the hirer themselves. If extra time is needed, it will be charge hourly: RM 30 without air-conditioner, RM 50 with air-conditioner.
  • Hirer must maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of the venue and public area, take out the trash at completion of event, or else the Association has the right to deduct a cleaning fee ranging from RM50 to RM300 from the deposit depending on the venue and cleanliness.
  • Bunting and banner hanging and stage decoration of event shall be discussed and approved by the Association, and the hirer should be responsible for picking up at completion of event. No hammering, sticking, using of double-sided tape is allowed on the wall.
  • The Association will not be responsible for the safety and integrity of any objects leave by hirer.
  • The event may NOT extend after 2230.
  • The Association will not accept responsibility for electricity breakdown during event.
  • Smoking, drinking or gambling is prohibited.
  • The Association bears no responsibility for any lawsuits arising from the rental of the Association’s premises or for any accidents resulting in injury or death during the course of the rental of our premises.
  • If there are no damages or violations, the deposit will be refunded within one and a half month at completion of event.


  • The hirer is not allowed to cancel the booking at will. Only if the hirer informs the Association one week before the date of the rental with a substantial reason, the hirer can postpone not more than one time, or else the Association has the right to confiscate the deposit and fees paid.
  • Cancellation of confirmed booking shall submit in writing two weeks in advance. After confirmed, the Association will charge 20% of processing fee and the rest of deposit will be returned. Failing to do so will result in forfeit of deposit.


  • The Association retains the right to inspect or terminate the misrepresentation event.
  • The Association reserves the right to amend these rules and regulations when necessary.
【场地租借申请表格】 Venue Rental Application Form

【场地租借申请表格】 Venue Rental Application Form

身份 Identity
租借场地 Venue
租借器材 Equipment
银行资料(作为订金退款之用途)Bank Information (For deposit refund purpose)
银行资料(作为订金退款之用途)Bank Information (For deposit refund purpose)
银行资料(作为订金退款之用途)Bank Information (For deposit refund purpose)
最后确认 Last confirmation