Refund Policy of Physical Program, Online Webinars and E-learning


  1. 线上、实体课之课程/工作坊/讲座/活动(下面皆以课程作为统称)的退款或转让名额,须在课程开始的两周之前提出申请并处理完毕。课程开始前的两周内,一律不接受任何退款及转让名额。
  2. E-learning 将不接受任何的退款与转让名额。
  3. 课程退款/转让名额仅适用于以下原因:
    1. 主办单位对于课程安排上有所更动;或
    2. 学员因特定原因选择退出课程。
  4. 如主办单位对于课程安排上有所更动,学员可获得全额退款。
  5. 因特定原因选择退出课程者,可选择:
    1. 转让课程名额
      1. 学员需自行寻找其他学员与解决费用方面的转让,并通知本会名额转让者的个人与相关资料。
      2. 本会不负责协助费用相关的转让与不提供候补名额。
    2. 退出课程
      1. 学员需电邮到register.lifeline@gmail.com提交申请。
      2. 本会将征收 50% 的报名费作为行政用途,并仅以生命线礼券(Cash Voucher)的方式退款 50% 的报名费。
    3. 因不可抗力因素,退出课程
      1. 不可抗力因素包括:意外、手术等。(本会有权否决)
      2. 学员需电邮到register.lifeline@gmail.com提交申请,并提供证明。
      3. 本会将进行审核,确定符合申请资格后,将以生命线礼券(Cash Voucher)的方式全额退款。
  6. 本会有权决定退款数额与方式。退款条件将视情况而定,本会不保证处理所有退款申请。
  7. 如有任何疑问,请联系:
    1. 致电行政处 03-4266 6195
    2. WhatsApp 011-1095 9595。
    3. Email
  8. 本会有权修改以上条规而无需给予预先通知。



  1. All online and physical course/workshop/lecture/activity (all referred to as the course below) refunds or transfers must be submitted and processed latest by two weeks before the course. Within two weeks before the start of the course, no refund or transfer of places will be accepted.
  2. Refunds or transfers are not acceptable for E-learning.
  3. Course refunds/transfers are only applicable for the following reasons:
    1. The organizer has made changes to the course arrangement; or
    2. Participants opted out of the course for specific reasons.
  4. If the organizer changes the course arrangement, participants can get a full refund.
  5. Those who opt out of the course due to specific reasons can choose:
    1. Transfer of course places
      1. Participants have to find other participants by themselves and settle the transfer of quotas themselves. After that, participants have to inform the association of the transferee’s personal and relevant information.
      2. LLAM is not responsible for assisting in the transfer of quotas and not responsible for providing the waiting list.
    2. Exit the course
      1. Participants have to email to and submit an application.
      2. This will charge 50% of the registration fee for administrative purposes, and only refund 50% of the registration fee in the form of cash vouchers.
    3. Withdraws from the course due to force majeure
      1. Force majeure factors include: accidents, surgery, etc. (LLAM has the right to veto)
      2. Participants have to email to submit an application and provide proof.
      3. On a case-by-case basis, LLAM will censor and process the request. Only for applications that met our requirements, LLAM will fully refund by means of cash vouchers.
  6. The Association has the right to determine the amount and method of refund. Refund conditions will depend on the situation, and the Association does not guarantee to process all refund requests.
  7. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:
    1. Call the Administration Office 03-4266 6195
    2. WhatsApp 011-1095 9595.
    3. Email
  8. LLAM reserve the right to make amendments or changes to the statements mentioned above.