Refund Policy of Merchandise/Product


  1. 退换货和退款不适用于成功交付的无缺陷商品。
  2. 成功付款后将无法取消订单与不可退款。
  3. 退换货期限:收到商品后的3日之内通知本会,14日之内寄回。
  4. 退换货品请在收到货的3日之内通过电子邮件或致电告知本会欲退换货原因,并附上有关瑕疵商品的照片及收据。本会将会进行审核,确定符合退换货条件后,再为您另行安排退换货事宜。
  5. 退换货仅适用于以下原因:
    1. 如果任何商品有缺陷或非人为损坏;或
    2. 如果交付了与订单不同的错误产品。
  6. 退款仅适用于以下原因:
    1. 如果所订购的商品已无库存(如书籍已绝版)或因一些原因本会无法采购所订购的商品;或
    2. 如果收取的费用超过下订单时网站上显示的商品价值,本会将退还差额。
  7. 寄送瑕疵商品的邮资将由本会负责。本会将安排快递公司上门提取,确定符合退换货条件后,将另行安排将商品邮寄出。
  8. 如有任何疑问,请联系:
    1. 致电行政处 03-4266 6195
    2. WhatsApp 011-1095 9595。
    3. Email
  9. 本会有权修改以上条规而无需给予预先通知。



  1. Returns, exchanges and refunds are not applicable for successfully delivered non-defect items.
  2. After successful payment, the order cannot be cancelled and is non-refundable.
  3. Returns and exchanges should be requested within 3 days of receiving the items and items should be returned within 14 days from the date ofreceived.
  4. For returns and exchanges, kindly contact LLAM within 3 days of receiving the items to inform the reason for the return and exchange. The email has to be attached photos and receipt of the defective items. LLAM will censor and process the request. Only for items that met the return and exchange conditions, LLAM will further arrange the return or exchange.
  5. Returns/ Exchanges are only applicable for the following reasons:
    1. if any Product is defective or non-artificially damaged; or
    2. if the wrong Product which is different from the Order is delivered.
  6. Refunds are only applicable for the following reasons:
    1. If any Product is out of stock (for example, the book is out of print) or for some reason, the ordered Product is not purchasable; or
    2. if a Customer is charged more than the value of a Product as displayed on the site when the Customer makes its Order, the Company shall refund to the Customer the difference.
  7. LLAM will be responsible for the postage for returning defective goods. LLAM will arrange for the delivery company to pick up the items, and after confirming that the conditions for return and exchange are met, we will process the returns or exchanges.
  8. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:
    1. Call the Administration Office 03-4266 6195
    2. WhatsApp 011-1095 9595.
    3. Email
  9. LLAM reserve the right to make amendments or changes to the statements mentioned above.