Our mission 

We are a non-religious NGO working to assist individuals affected by social and psychological issues through emotional support and community-based preventive programs for more than 29 years.

We consist of nearly 200 professionally trained volunteers from diverse backgrounds dedicated to providing services such as helpline, counselling, play therapy, and psychoeducation, as well as organising developmental group activities, and charitable events for the Malaysian community.

We are united in the belief that every life is able to grow to its full potential under the environment filled with genuineness, acceptance and empathy. To date, we have supported over 31,000 individuals through difficult times in their lives.

We are Life Line Association Malaysia.


“95” is derived from the phrase “help me” in Mandarin, promoting the awareness of “self-help” and “seeking help” – increasing one’s internal strength to face life challenges (self-help), and encouraging help-seeking behaviour when the challenges are beyond one’s coping abilities (seeking help).

We believe that with genuineness, acceptance, and empathy, every life is able to grow to its full potential. Through the helping process, both helpers and help seekers are being benefited 

【Self-Help】Primary Prevention: Education & Awareness

  • Social Education • Teenager Caring Service • Social Welfare

Seeking Help】Secondary Prevention: Psychological Support

• Counselling Service • Play Therapy

Declaration of Life Line

We believe
The world is home to righteousness and goodness.
Everything has its own beginning and its own ending.
There is a power that gives meaning to life and moves for peace in the world.

We believe
Everyone is our friend, and all people have a responsibility to take care each other.
Everyone has an inborn validity and power to achieve a life filled with self respect and true goodness.

We believe
Happiness is found in helping people with no expectation of help in return.
Service to society mandates action by people together.
We serve from our abundance.
The highest goal of services is righteousness.

So we will
Donate our time and the ability in service to society
for the good of human beings.
Act by the spirit and according to the rule of life line.
Do all that we can because without being ordered to.


Honorary Life President

Tan Sri Datuk Tee Hock Seng, JP.

Bina Puri Holdings Bhd Group Managing Director

Honorary Life President

Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Kong Hon Kong

Nirvana Malaysia Founder and Group Managing Director

Honorary Life President

Dato’ Sri Dr. Tan Cheng Chai

Santa Mauser Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Chief Executive Officer

Honorary Life President

Lilian Goh Kui Lian

Kendek Products Sdn. Bhd. Director

Honorary Life President

Tang Kae Sue

Hans Advisory Trust Co Ltd Chartered Accountant

Honorary Life President

Dato’ Lee Tek Mook @ Lee Teh Mok

Honorary Life President

Datuk Eddie Heng Hong Chai

HGH Convention Centre Kuala Lumpur Chairman

Advisor Tan Sri Dato’ Khoo Chai Kaa

Brem Holdings Bhd Managing Director

Advisor Dr. Wu Hsin-An

Taiwan Lifeline International Member of International Affairs

Society Affairs Advisor Tiew Seng Chee

Poh Hing Li Marketing Sdn. Bhd. Director

Society Affairs Advisor Soh Yok Kim

Nesh Marketing Sdn. Bhd. Managing Director

President See Soon Eng

Deputy President Tiew Hock Chuan

Vice President Ng Shei Kwee

Vice President Ko Chin Wai

Secretary Loh Chwee Cheng

Assistant Secretary Ong San San

Treasurer Choon Lee Meng

Assistant Treasurer Wong Su Zane

Committee Ooi Gaik Ean

Committee Khor Phei Cher

Committee Soh Ban Aun

Committee Teoh Kheng Hong

Committee Ding Chiu Hiong

Committee Chan Toh Theng

Committee Yee Yeng Yeng

Committee Liew Chooi Mei

Committee Loh Kok Weng

Committee Chong Szee Wei

Committee Tan Peik Khoon

Committee Loo Saw Moay

Committee Chong Siew Shyan